Environmentally Intelligent Design and Manufacturing

Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Environmentally Intelligent (formerly Conscious) Design & Manufacturing (EIDM) aims at providing a medium for the dissemination of accurate information about the impact and the short-term as well as the long-term effects of design and manufacturing on the environment. It further aims at providing a forum for addressing the existing and the emerging relationships between design, manufacturing, and environment. Its ultimate goal is to contribute in a positive sense to the safety and health of our environment by providing the manufacturers of goods and products as well as the general public with the most recent trends, advances and research results on environmentally conscious design and manufacturing. Environment and environmental concerns will be the issue for this decade of 90s and beyond, facing both the industrialized and the non-industrialized nations. Design and manufacturing are two key areas of engineering which have influenced and will continue to influence the environment the most.

Papers, articles, reports and research results as well as announcements of publications, book reviews, and events concerned with environmentally conscious design and manufacturing are invited and will be published after favorable editorial review.

The EIDM topics that are covered in this international journal include, but are not limited to: Hazardous Waste Minimization and Management, Solvent Management, Replacement and Elimination, CFC Elimination and Alternative Cooling and Refrigeration Systems, Cost-Effective Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing, Real-Time Process Monitoring and Control, Cost-Effective Regulatory Compliance, Environmentally Conscious Electronic Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics Applications to ECD&M, Applications of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic as well as Expert Systems to ECD&M, Automotive Manufacturing, Energy and Oil Production, Chemical Manufacturing, Machining and Assembly, Electroplating, Chemical Etching, Surface Finishing, Cleansing, Environmental Technology Needs of Manufacturing, Ethics in Environmental and Manufacturing Issues, Government Policies in ECD&M and Total Quality Management in ECD&M.