EnvironmentallyIntelligent Design and Manufacturing

This is the new web site for IJECDM. The new name of the journal is environmentally intelligent design and manufacturing.

This Journal is now free online for all of our subscribers and no subsciption is necessary to access it. 


The International Journal of Environmentally Intelligent (formerly Conscious) Design & Manufacturing (IJ EIDM) aims at providing a medium for the dissemination of accurate information about the impact and the short-term as well as the long-term effects of product and systems design and manufacturing on the environment. It also provides a forum for addressing the existing and the emerging relationships between design, manufacturing, and environment. Its ultimate goal is to contribute in a positive sense to the safety and health of our environment by providing the designers, design  teams and manufacturers of goods and products as well as the general public with the most recent trends, advances and research results on environmentally conscious design and manufacturing which can also be named Intelligent Manufacturing.

The IJEIDM provides a large number of publications in connection with Intelligent Manufacturing and Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing

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Mansour Ravandoust, Director of Marketing and Investment
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